Green Solar and the New Technology Channel

Six years ago a group of entrepreneurs decided to bring affordable and dependable broadband based services to every home in America. They believed that customers were being underserved and overcharged, that the time had come for somebody to do things better, and that nobody else was going to find a way. They found a way, and called it Green.

Needless to say, when you decide to transform one of the largest industries on the planet, you can expect resistance - and we have encountered it. But change, especially great change, is worth the price.

Today, after three years of planning and preparation, Green is poised to reinvent how people buy broadband-based services. We are introducing business-class, consultative sales and service to the residential technology market, and completely changing the rules of engagement in the process. Our approach allows us to compete on our terms with industry giants like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Dish, DirecTV, Vivint, and Vonage.  

We have assembled a team of managers, advisors and directors with a history of disrupting the status quo, including a founder of Discover Bank, a founder of, key top executives from Sprint, Clearwire, Orange Telecom, ColdStone Creamery, a founder of Firstline Security, and the founder of Zipadi Technologies. Our leaders are comfortable shaping industry trends and are well-qualified to take Green from a young public company to a blue chip powerhouse.

Our Management

Growth. It’s one of our values, something we take very seriously. We are committed to aggressive, sustainable growth and we seek to foster growth through strong leadership, the highest ethical standards and the achievement of business objectives that reward our shareholders, employees, business partners and customers. Our leaders are committed to this guiding principle and work to lead the company into the future as the leading provider of digital services and sustainable energy.

It is not only important how we are led, it’s imperative that we govern ourselves. Green is committed to sound corporate governance practices. Our core values are growth, hard work, helping one another, enthusiasm and integrity. Our code guides all of us, from board of directors to new employees, to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the highest level of ethical business conduct.

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